Discover UniPay Gateway Technology

Join growing number of merchants and PSPs that reply on UniPay technology. Allow us to expand your horizons and ambitions.

  • Reduce or eliminate gateway fees with UniPay Payments Cloud™

    Take charge of your processing. Become a gateway. Eliminate per transaction fees.
    Both license and white-label hosted offers available. Sounds intriguing?

  • Replace unmanageable legacy code with modern open source technology

    Retire your mainframe. Cut support costs of in-house solution. Our technology handles thousands of transactions, saving thousands of dollars. Daily. Want to know more?

  • Reduce PCI scope with flexible PCI gateway architecture

    Simplify your card storage strategy. Reorganize cardholders' data flow. Simplify your annual audits and keep auditors satisfied. Too good to be true?

UniPay technology supports: